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19th October, 2014
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Alumni Weekend in Sörenberg

Alumni WeekendThis weekend, our Alumni Weekend takes place in the lovely mountain village of Sörenberg LU. While the delegates of the National Selection Conference Fribourg 2014 learned about EYP Journalism, attending sessions abroad and how European institutions work, our more experienced members were given an insight into chairing and layouting and could give their input to the vision on our organisation. We thank everybody for their contribution and look forward to seeing you again at one of our upcoming events.

4th October, 2014
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Two new Board Members elected at our EGM

Now that Fribourg 2014 has come to an end, it is time to return to daily business. During the session we held an Extraordinary General Meeting to elect two new members of the board. The assembly unanimously elected Mohamed Atiek and Lars Kieni as new members of the board. While Mohamed will be the new treasurer of EYP Switzerland and take care of membership, Lars will take over the communication portfolio. We wish them all the best in their new positions.

13th September, 2014
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EYP Switzerland with a brand new Podio sponsorship

EYP Switzerland is very pleased to have been granted a Podio sponsorship, enabling us to use the intranet platform that facilitates the work and communication of our organisation for free!

The Board of EYP Switzerland has started working with Podio earlier this year, setting up different apps and folders for every department to make cooperation and coordination among the Board Members a lot smoother.

The benefits of working on Podio for Board Members that live all over Switzerland are clear. Amongst others, the digital calendar allows us to have an overview about everyone’s availabilities, thanks to the comment section we can discuss ideas and problems, with the voting function decisions can be taken and thanks to the tasks list everyone has an overview of what still needs to be done.

We believe that Podio is a great platform for companies and similar organisations to facilitate their communication and work in an individual way! For further information about Podio and on how you can potentially get sponsored, follow this link: https://company.podio.com/ln/podio-sponsorship

Fore more information about Podio check out www.podio.com

27th August, 2014
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Alumni Event and EGM Registration

Don’t forget to register for the Extraordinary General Meeting and our Alumni Event taking place on the 6th of September at the NSC in Fribourg!
After the short EGM you will have the opportunity to witness the new generation of Swiss EYPers during their last rounds of General Assembly, followed by dinner with the other Swiss alumni. Afterwards the group will join the Fribourg 2014 party which will be under the theme of ‘The Golden 20s’, so make sure to bring your costumes!

Pleas fill out the registration form until August 31st.

13th August, 2014
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Extraordinary General Meeting and Alumni Event

EYP Switzerland is inviting its members to an Extraordinary General Meeting, taking place on the 6th of September in Fribourg, with the main purpose of electing two new Board Members. Please find the draft agenda here.
Are you also in for some more EYP fun? Right after the Extraordinary General Meeting on the 6th of September there will be an alumni event organised in Fribourg. Make sure to save the date and stay tuned for more information!

13th August, 2014
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Call for bids to host the 19th National Selection Conference of EYP Switzerland in 2015

Are you interested in organising the annual flagship event of EYP Switzerland? We are now looking for bids to host the 19th National Selection Conference in 2015.

During its last meeting, the board has elaborated on the selection criteria and procedure for future National Selection Conference organisation bids. Amongst the changes are the time of submission, specificity of the different session elements such as venues, budget and partners, and the level of experience of the Head Organisers.
While the board expects a high amount of dedication and professionalism for the organising team of the NSC, individual Board Members support sub-departments within the team in their area of expertise.

Read more about the standards a bid is expected to fulfill and the deadline here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Seraina, our Board Member for National Session Support, under seraina.petersen@eyp.ch!

13th August, 2014
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Proposal for Regional Sessions 2015

More and more delegates would like to take part in our sessions. Therefore, the Board of EYP Switzerland has worked on a proposal to enlarge our Regional Sessions to full EYP sessions of two days. However, we would like to hear your opinion on it! Read the proposal and make your voice heard by using this form by the 20th of August. Thank you!

Speaking of Regional Sessions: You already noticed the call for Board Department Members – this includes the Regional Coordinators, who are going to organise the new Regional Sessions in 2015! Have a look and apply by the 15th of August to be a Regional Coordinator of Berne, Basel, Zurich or Geneva here.

13th August, 2014
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Call for new Board Members and Board Department Members

Would you like to significantly contribute to the further development of EYP Switzerland? If yes, we would like to remind you of two great opportunities that deserve your attention: the call for several Board and Department Members is open! With interesting positions such as Board Member on Communication, Board Member on Finances and Membership, Member of the Communication Department, Alumni Officer and Member of the National Coordination Department, there is something for every type of talent!

Find the call for Department Members and Regional Coordinators here and apply by 15th of August: http://bit.ly/calldepartments
Interested in becoming a Board Member? Then fill out your manifesto (http://bit.ly/manifestoboard2014) and send it to nora.wilhelm@eyp.ch by 15th of August.

We are looking forward to your candidacies!

7th July, 2014
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Committee topics Fribourg 2014

During the five days of the National Selection Conference, the delegates will be split up into a total of ten committees, each dealing with a different political issue. The majority of the committee topics hereby centre on the general theme of the session: ”Civil rights in a diverse Europe‘.

The different topics can be found under the following link.

18th May, 2014
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Call for Officials Fribourg 2014

Have you always wanted to visit the country of chocolate, cheese and mountains? Here is your chance to attend an EYP Session in Fribourg, the bilingual city where French and German meet.

The 18th National Selection Conference of EYP Switzerland, presided by Mr. Niall Murphy from Ireland, has now officially opened the call for Vice-Presidents, Chairs, Editors and Journalists. The different committee topics are constructed around the general theme of ‘Civil rights in a diverse Europe‘ .

Find all information you need to know in the Call for Officials and find the Application Form here. Application deadline  for VPs, Chairpersons and Editors is  June 8, for Video Editors and Journalist June 20.

Matthieu Loup (CH) and Riccardo Passarella (CH), the head-organisers of the session, Niall Murphy and the board of EYP Switzerland are much looking forward to receiving your application!