Lausanne 2017

The 21st National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Switzerland will take place from the 8th to 12th of September 2017 in the beautiful city of Lausanne. Defined by its dynamic, innovative and cultural wealth, Lausanne is the perfect place to host our upcoming national session; considering the theme of the conference: Challenging tomorrow with today’s innovations. Indeed, this session will tackle the theme of innovation and the impact of our youth on it. Through this exciting event we want to feature the different places and institutions, places where the brightest minds bring into existence today’s most treasured human creation: technology.

The Teambuilding will take place at the Congrès de Beaulieu situated in the heart of Lausanne, a wide complex that is an absolute fit for every Teambuilding activities that will bring the delegates closer in the most adequate environment. The delegates will then discuss, create and share ideas during Committee Work at Gymnase de la Cité, where the panoramic view of the whole city of Lausanne and the Lac Léman can only inspire them to make their own valuable exploit. The themed Farewell Party will be held at the Starling Hotel. Its contemporary setting and the wonderful panoramic terrace offering us a unique view of the Alps and the lake offer every participant the best surroundings to just enjoy the moment and take a breath from the other activities. The General Assembly is taking place at the SwissTech Convention Center, as their saying says it is “where people meet ideas”, we could not find a better venue to hold the GA for what this place epitomize, the building is unique and innovative, boasts a remarkable modularity and is in accord with the session’s vision on sustainable development.

We are honored to have the support of Patrick Aebischer, the former president of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) is known for his involvement in the accessibility of the fields of development and research for the youth. He portrays the vision of modernity and innovation that EYP stands for. With Lausanne being the capital of the Olympics, the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach will share his view on the role of youth involvement and his experience during our Opening Ceremony. Last but not least, Federal Councillor Alain Berset, also supports Lausanne 2017. In EYP he sees an innovative way to introduce the youth to politics. He personifies the support of the Swiss institutions to the diverse projects of the youth and we are certain that his experience can only benefit the participants of this session.


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