Past events

EYP Switzerland can proudly look back on 20 years of successful events. Here a short selection of the most recent and most important events.

National Selection Conference 2015 in Bern

In early September, EYP Switzerland hosted its National Selection Conference in Bern. The session gathered around 200 Swiss and International students to discuss current topics under the theme of “Europe in a Globalising World”. All pictures can be found on the Facebook page of Bern 2015.

International Sessions


  • 83rd International Session of EYP, Autumn 2016 in Laax (GR)
  • 73rd International Session of EYP, Summer 2013 in Zurich
  • 49th International Session of EYP, Summer 2005 in Basel
  • 34th International Session of EYP, Summer 2000 in Bern

National Selection Conferences

  • 20th NSC of EYP CH, Geneva 2016
  • 19th NSC of EYP CH, Bern 2015
  • 18th NSC of EYP CH, Fribourg 2014
  • 17th NSC of EYP CH, Romanshorn 2013
  • 16th NSC of EYP CH, Aarau 2012
  • 15th NSC of EYP CH, Ticino 2011
  • 14th NSC of EYP CH, Basel 2010
  • 13th NSC of EYP CH, Interlaken 2009
  • 12th NSC of EYP CH, Fribourg 2008
  • 11th NSC of EYP CH, Münchenstein BL 2007
  • 10th NSC of EYP CH, Nyon 2006

Other events

  • 5th Round of Regional Sessions of EYP Switzerland, taking place in Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Zurich, spring 2016.
  • Academic Trainings for Chairpersons
  • Academic Trainings on EYP Journalism, Chairing, EU institutions and attending sessions abroad