Teachers and parents

Even if the European Youth Parliament Switzerland obviously is aimed at young Swiss students, we think both teachers and parents will find our activities appealing – as much as from a school’s as from a parents’ perspective.

During sessions, students communicate exclusively in the official languages of the EYP (English and French) and therefore get an opportunity to put their language skills into practice both in academic discussions and social situations. The same applies to political knowledge and debating skills, which are both fostered within EYP. For all these reasons, many teachers value EYP as a unique opportunity for learning and self-development for young students.

Teachers and schools

EYP wants to promote non-formal learning in the field of political education. Our work is volunteer-based only, and we are grateful for the continuous trust of dozens of Swiss high schools in the past 15 years.

As a school, you will be interested in EYP if …

  • … you want to show your students politics as a real experience
  • … you want to foster your students’ public speaking and debating skills
  • … you want to sensibilize your students for cultural and political diversity
  • … you want your school to offer a rich extracurricular activity that entails little additional work for your staff

As a teacher, your tasks will be to …

  • … sign up a delegation to one of our events
  • … overlook the delegation in its preparation for their topic and the different parts of the programme
  • … accompany the delegation to the session

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Have you participated in EYP sessions as a teacher and would like to stay in touch with our organisation? You can join EYP Switzerland as a teacher, please contact us!


While parents obviously can’t participate in a youth parliament, we wish for parents to know about our organisation and why your loved one will benefit from EYP.

The European Youth Parliament is a unique adventure for your children. In a society where extracurricular activities are more and more important, we offer a holistic way of learning and experiencing the politics and culture of Europe – but we take pride in not being limited to this. Under the guidance of experienced and responsible students aged 18-25, and assisted by the accompanying teachers, our events offer a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Participating in EYP will not only foster academic skills of your daughter or son, but perhaps just as importantly, we care about personal development. Through an inspirational and innovative non-formal methodology that was developed at sessions for more than 20 years now, we seek to educate, inspire – and be fun, too!