Your role as a teacher

As EYP sessions depend on schools’ support and experience, every delegation is accompanied by a teacher from their school. While most of the administrative work is done by the board of EYP Switzerland, the following preparatory tasks will need to be done by the accompanying teacher:

  • Find a delegation and sign it up online
  • Ensure delegations prepare for their delegation presentation, Swiss Village and the theme party
  • Arrange for delegates to prepare for Committee Work and for all other topics (there will be an extensive Preparation Booklet provided by EYP Switzerland)

During the session, a teacher from your school will need to be there throughout the programme. If you are unable to participate in the entire session, you are welcome to share the responsibility for your delegation with a colleague teacher from your school.

Being a teacher at an EYP session is a challenging role. Even if we are a school-based organisation, we use non-formal learning methods, and a teacher’s traditional role as a source of knowledge and authority is not necessary. It is the chairs and organisers that guide the students through the programme every day, making sure they feel comfortable and work well together. Taking part in an EYP session is a different way of education that students benefit from most if they have a chance to let lose of their traditional school context that is represented by their teacher.

On the other hand, it is vital for the delegates to have a person around that knows them and is able to help them if any problems occur; a person who they can rely on as a backup if they need a last encouraging word before a big speech or a few extra facts if they just cannot make their point clear to the others. There is a possibility to meet the students every day of the session during coffee or lunch break and in the evenings.

Teachers are offered activities and events that run alongside regular Session events. While guaranteeing the necessary free time to fulfil eventual professional duties during the session, the aim of the teachers’ programme is to

  • experience the region where the session takes place at its best
  • get a first-hand understanding of EYP’s principles and non-formal education methods
  • foster informal and academic exchange between teachers from all over Switzerland
  • provide EYP Switzerland with a teacher’s perspective on its activities

Teachers will be accommodated in a hotel close to the delegates’ accommodation, the costs of the hotel are at the participating school’s expenses.

If you have any questions on your participation as a teacher, you are welcome to get in touch with Kian Hunziker, our board member responsible for the session. Sie können sich gerne in Deutsch bei Kian Hunziker melden. N’hésitez pas à contacter Kian Hunziker en français: