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Take a look at the long-term strategy for EYP

The Board of National Committees, the Governing Body and the Schwarzkopf Foundation adopted the first written long-term strategy for EYP for the next 2-3 years. It will focus on three main areas:

1) Developing the EYP network: the EYP network’s full potential is to be realised with further developments in terms of quality and quantity

2) Improving inclusivity: EYP is to become a truly open and inclusive youth organisation, involving all young people who wish to take part in its activities

3) Increasing academic professionalism: EYP will further adopt a culture of academic professionalism throughout the organisation and in all of its activities

The full strategy including specific aims and means can be found here

The National Committees, the Governing Body and the Schwarzkopf Foundation have also agreed on a mission statement for EYP:

“Our mission is to support the development of young people into politically aware and responsible citizens by involving them in European political thinking and promoting intercultural understanding.”

The strategy will be implemented by the National Committees (on a national level) and by the Executive Director, the International Office and the Alumni Councils (on an international level). EYP Switzerland is committed and looking forward to contributing to this process.

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