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Going abroad with EYP – here’s how

Would you like to go on with EYP on an international level? Have you been selected in Romanshorn to attend an EYP session abroad and hence need to take part in a mandatory preparation day? Do you want to know how EYP works, what kinds of sessions there are and how you can apply to them? Have you lost contact with EYP and need help to get started again? Would you like to know how to write the perfect application for an EYP session?

If you can answer at least one of the above questions with Yes, we would like to invite you to EYP Switzerland’s Going Abroad and IS Preparation Trainings, taking place on Sunday, 20th of October in Bern.

The IS Preparation Training is tailored to delegates who were selected at EYP Switzerland’s NSC in Romanshorn to represent Switzerland at an EYP session abroad – for instance at an international forum or an international session. During the training you will find out about the structure of EYP, how to prepare best for a session abroad, get a crash course about European Institutions – and much more, in essence a lot which will make your preparation for and experience of your session abroad worthwhile. If we have already invited you to take part in this training by email, please indicate so further below. The training will be led by Sophie Hall.

The Going Abroad Training‘s concept is right for you if you would like attend EYP sessions abroad individually – maybe as a delegate, but also more specifically as a chair or a journalist. During this training, you will get a thorough briefing on the application process and especially how to write the perfect application, more information about the different roles and responsibilities at a session, an overview of the most important European institutions – basically a toolbox to get your EYP career startet abroad. Please indicate below if you would like to attend the Going Abroad Training or the IS Preparation Training. The training will be led by Nicole Goetz and Lukas Bock.

Please sign up here until 17th October 2013

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