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NSC 2014: Call for Head Organisers

Have you ever dreamed of organising an EYP session of your own? Choose where delegates have their debates, what they eat or to what the party theme will be? As every year, EYP Switzerland is giving you the chance to do exactly that. The call for bids to host the National Selection Conference 2014 is now out. Please submit your bids to no later than 17 November 2013.

What to include in your bid

— Your vision for the session: what kind of session would you like to organise?
— What is your focus? How do you want to brand the session with your own personal mark?
— Connected to that, your ideas for a session theme – maybe even potential patrons connected to that
— Concrete ideas about venues and logistics
— A provisional budget: how much money roughly would it cost to put on this session?
— A rough fundraising plan: which local businesses might you contact, for example?
— A core team of interested people who would like to organise the session

Once the call has closed, the board will evaluate all bids and then give the mandate to organise the National Selection Conference 2014. We are very much looking forward to your ideas and your bids.

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