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Take part in the Regional Sessions 2014 – apply as a delegate or chairperson

EYP Switzerland is launching the call for chairpersons and vice-presidents for the four one-day regional sessions 2014. We are looking for 8-10 chairpersons and 2 Vice-Presidents at each of the four sessions taking place in Bern, Basel, Zurich and Geneva.

Alumni of EYP – both from Switzerland and abroad – are invited to apply as a chairperson and if wished also as a vice-president using this form until 30 January 2014. We would like to actively encourage also first-time chairpersons to apply for this position.

Not an alumni of EYP yet, but you would want to become one? If you want to take part in the Regional Sessions as a delegate, please sign up your delegation (4–6 students from your high school) using this form until 31 January. More information on the Regional Sessions can be found here.

Alumni may not only apply as a chairperson, but also as a Vice-President. The tasks of a Vice-President consist in supporting the chairpersons in their function, chairing the GA and assisting the president of the session in leading the session. Together with the president, the head organisers and the board of EYP Switzerland, Vice-Presidents will also be part of the jury at the session.

Officials are expected to be present at the day of the Regional Session from 08:00 until 18:00. EYP Switzerland cannot guarantee to offer free accommodation for all officials but will assist you in finding accommodation.

Taking part in a Regional Session as a chair provides a first chance to try chairing in a General Assembly context, as the sessions consist of a brief teambuilding session and a GA. format debate. The school delegations will have written their resolutions on a current political issue in prior to the session. After a basic teambuilding, the delegations will have a short period of time during which they can finish their last preparations for the debates. The resolutions will be debated in the usual General Assembly procedure.


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