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Bern 2015 is officially open

Yesterday, the Opening Ceremony of Bern2015, the 19th National Selection Conference of EYP Switzerland, took place. EYP Switzerland was honoured to welcome remarkable guest speakers: Adolf Muschg, contemporary Swiss writer, shared his thaughts about the past and the present of Europe with the participants. Furthermore, we were warmly adressed by Reto Nause, city councillor of Bern, and André Lorenzetti welcomed us on behalf of the Gymnasium Kirchenfeld.

The 180 participants will now debate current topics around the theme “Europe in a globalizing world” during the next days. All resolutions will be debated on at the General Assembly on Saturday and Sunday. This part of the session is public. This means that friends and relatives of EYPers, as well as everybody who is interested in our organisation, is warmly invited to join us. Please find all necessary information here. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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