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AGM 2019 / Call for Board Members

First Invitation to our Annual General Meeting and Brunch of EYP Switzerland in Bern

We are pleased to invite all members of EYP Switzerland to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), alongside the first national event - a Brunch - that will be held in Bern. The upcoming elections will be very important because 3 current Board Members will not be running for re-election! This is the chance for a new generation in EYP Switzerland to step in and make a change in our National Committee!

The event will take place on Saturday, 23rd of February 2019 at 11:00 at the Pavillon CEVI Region in Bern, which is just next to the office of EYP Switzerland.

Please have a look at the provisional agenda here. Pursuant to §19 of the statutes of EYP Switzerland, any member of the organisation may submit further agenda points until Friday, 8th February 2019. Please find more information and the registration form here. The deadline to register to the event is Saturday, 16th of February, 23:59 CET.

Call for Board Members of EYP Switzerland

As mentioned above, our members will elect a new national board for our organisation at the AGM. As three current Board Members are not running for re-election (portfolios International Coordination, External Affairs and Finances and Membership), we depend on newer members to step up to the task!

If you are interested, have a look which portfolio entails which tasks here. Download our manifesto template, write down your ideas and plans and submit your manifesto until Sunday, 4th February 2019, 23:59 CET to President Patricia Azevedo at!

All information can be found in the two documents. The manifestos will be collectively sent to our members attached to the second invitation and are the base for our members to make up their minds on who to elect at the AGM. We therefore encourage you to make sure to be present at the AGM on 23rd February. Should you have any questions about the role of a Board Members or specific portfolios, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Board.

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