Regional Sessions 2014

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EYP Switzerland’s Regional Sessions  offer a unique chance to experience the European Youth Parliament in a one-day event.

A Regional Session is a fun day of debate and exchange in English, spiced up with icebreaking and endorsements from prominent political figures. In the past, session participants were greeted by distinguished guests such as Geneva’s President of the Great Council, Pierre Losio, the Mayor of Geneva, Pierre Maudet or the EU’s Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Richard Johnson.


Each Regional Session welcomes eight to ten schools from the area, who have the opportunity to spend a day debating their resolutions on current European issues. In the run-up to the session, each school delegation receives a committee topic and two resolutions on the topic. They are then free to choose which of the two solutions they would like to defend in the parliamentary debate of the Session.

On arrival, the delegates briefly get to know their chair through a teambuilding session and a refresher of the parliamentary procedure and order of debate. Over the course of the day, each committee/delegation in turn has an opportunity to present their resolution to the general assembly with speeches and throughout an open debate. Each resolution is voted on by the general assembly.

Participating in a Regional Session provides delegates with a chance to debate with like-minded students on current political issues of international relevance. In addition, they catch a glimpse of EYP Switzerland’s activities and are encouraged to take part in our four-day National Session autumn. The Regional Sessions are not selection-events for participation in the National Session, but rather an opportunity for students to get to know the European Youth Parliament.

Still not sure you understood what the Regional Sessions are all about? Our colleagues from EYP Spain have made an explanatory video.