EYP Switzerland

IntroductionEYP Switzerland | International Structure

In Switzerland, the European Youth Parliament is represented since 1996 with its own National Committee. EYP Switzerland organises a National Selection Conference every year, where the participating Delegations can qualify for other EYP sessions taking place all over Europe. We also host a round of Regional Sessions covering the different regions of Switzerland, taking place March – April. Additionally, through small-scale InSchool Sessions, we bring the European Youth Parliament to various schools in Switzerland, introducing parliamentary work to students.

In October 2016, EYP Switzerland has had the honour of hosting the 83rd International Session of the EYP in Laax GR, where over 300 participants from all over Europe gathered to discuss topics revolving around the theme “Young and Sustainable Ideas for a Sustainable Future”. On a national level, we also organise trainings for our members such as the communication training conducted by a professional trainer or the academic training on European politics as well as several socialising events.

EYP Switzerland is an association in compliance with Articles 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. Its activities are independent of external political, commercial and financial interests, and all members contribute as volunteers only.

The daily affairs as well as the strategic planning lie in the hands of the Board of EYP Switzerland. Its eight members are elected on a yearly basis through the Annual General Meeting, the organisation’s yearly constitutive event for all members.

As our association is entirely volunteer-run, we depend on the support of public and private institutions. Find a list of our partners here.