NSC Ticino 2023 V1


The yearly flagship event of EYP Switzerland

EYP Switzerland organises a National Selection Conference (NSC) once per year. While the Regional Sessions only last two days and provide a first insight into the world of EYP, the NSCs are full-grown conferences and last five full days. These sessions are also open to international delegations and facilitate the international exchange amongst participants. The officials team is also composed of individuals from all over Europe as well.

At the NSC, Swiss delegates can be selected for international EYP events such as International Forums or International Sessions. They then have the right to participate in such events all over Europe together with other Swiss and European students. The Jury observes the delegates' participation throughout the session and selects the ones who they believe have grown the most and show the largest potential.

The 27th NSC of EYP Switzerland will take place in Ticino from the 21st to 26th of September 2023, and is head-organised by Maximilian Behrendt and Raya Giger, together with their team of resourceful organisers. During a period of one year they will tackle the task of realising this session.

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Ticino 2023

"Finding strength in (re-)connection"

Cooperation and exchange are two of the most important pillars of our democracy. However, events such as the Corona pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the energy crisis are causing more and more people to doubt the cohesion of our society. Emerging differences of opinion and isolation are opening rifts that we are hardly able to close any more. More and more often, youth and young people are left with feelings of bitterness, fear and confusion.

In view of these developments, the NSC Ticino 2023 wants to show the strength that lies in cooperation and exchange between diverse groups of society. In doing so, we want to take Switzerland's linguistic and cultural diversity as a model. With its 4 national languages and 26 cantons, it shows that diversity can be a strength, a strength that is at the core of our democracy. 

The NSC Ticino 2023 would like to show the young participants precisely this strength and encourage them to recognise, question and close the gaps between different regions, cultures and languages through cooperation. This gives them the opportunity to actively exchange and (re)connect with other people.

For only when we discover our commonalities and understand our differences can we shape a promising future through cooperation and understanding.