Regional Sessions 2023

Upcoming Regionals: April/March 2024

  The 2023 Regional Session cycle of EYP Switzerland is over. Currently, we're looking for delegates for the upcoming National Selection Conference. Check back in 2024 for participating in the Regional Sessions!

Interested in learning how politics work through first hand experience? Want to meet people from all over Switzerland and discuss current issues affecting our society? Then apply to be a delegate at one of our Regional Sessions!

The session is open to all students from high schools or vocational schools who are interested in politics and keen on improving their communication, debating and public speaking skills. The session will be held in English, however, our sessions are the perfect opportunity for students to practise and improve their English skills so everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their English level. 

In Spring 2023 EYP Switzerland will host two Regional Sessions for the various parts of Switzerland. A Regional Session lasts two days and serves as a first step into EYP for students of Swiss high schools, vocational schools and business schools. While it is quite a condensed programme, you will get to know many new people, learn to appreciate different points of view and, of course, have a great time.

Lausanne 2023:

The regional session Lausanne 2023 will take place during the dates of 18th–19th of March 2023 for delegates (with the 17th being CMO day) and is head-organised by Antoine de Bourbon and Nadia Schnider. The session will be EYP Switzerland’s first venture into the Romandie since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Romandie, being the french speaking region of Switzerland, is home to a quarter of the Swiss population.

The session will follow the theme "Breaking ground in a digitalised world". In light of new technologies being developed at a record breaking pace and everyday life becoming increasingly digitalised, there is an urgent need for European policy to reflect this change. The RS Lausanne 2023 will welcome young people to develop, share and debate their vision for a modern day Europe.

Zurich 2023:

The regional session Zurich 2023 will take place during the dates of 1st to 2nd of April 2023 for delegates (with the 31st being CMO day) and is head-organised by Lily Watanabe and Naomi Schwarz. The session will be EYP Switzerland’s first physical session in Zurich since 2020. Zurich is Switzerland’s biggest and most populated city and a central point of the German speaking region.

The session’s theme will be: “Belonging: Finding community within competitive structures”. Zurich being the heart of Switzerland’s higher education and financial centre creates both many opportunities and challenges. Constant pressure to perform causes individuals to feel disconnected which is why building a network of support is crucial. At the same time, Zurich offers immense resources to shape the future in a positive way.

The RS Zurich 2023 offers young people from all over Europe to share ideas and develop skills while finding belonging in a welcoming community in order to envision a sustainable future for Europe.


Following the Regional Sessions, our National Selection Conference (NSC) 2023 will take place in Ticino. EYP Switzerland encourages delegates to participate in a Regional Session before attending the NSC.

The Call for delegates is now open! To apply, follow these simple steps: 

    • Have a look at our Booklet to find out more about the sessions
    • Apply through the Application Form.  That's it! 

Please note that the application closes on the 28th of February at 23:59 CET.

In order to allow for an inclusive and diverse session cycle, the board seeks to involve delegates from as many cantons and schools as possible. It is important to note that an application does not mean an instant admission to the session of first preference and we would ask to wait for your selection results until the 3rd of March at the latest.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Leonardo d'Antonio, our Regional Coordinator.
Are you a teacher and would you like to send your students to one of our events? Please get in touch with our National Coordinator Can Keskinaslan for more information.